New Brrighton Handbags Arrive at Karalina's

Karalina's just received 12 new Brighton handbags. Some leather, some canvas. Some traditional, some not. In browns, reds, black & whites, blues and pewter. All beautiful and all handcrafted in different shapes and sizes..

The 12 new Brighton handbags are (clockwise from top to bottom) Robin Shoulderbag,  Mon Petit Shoulder,  Jane Convertible Hobo, Botanika Tote,  Camille Ruched Satchel,  Adele Shoulderbag,  Pebble Mini Messenger,  Cher Croco Shoulderbag,  Libby Shoulderbag,  Go Go Messenger Bag,  West Soft Satchel,  Jen Soft Bucket.

Come and see and feel them. The are all on display on our beautiful wall of Brighton.

22 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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