Peanut Butter.

It's my favorite thing created by the 2 leggers. Who ever invented it should win every award and get lots of licky kisses. I can't chew peanuts, but I can sure lick anything with peanut butter on it.


The humans coat any pills they give me with PEANUT BUTTER. Don't tell anyone that sometimes I pretend to need a pill so I can get some PEANUT BUTTER.

Once I stole a sandwich from a stroller in the store because the sandwich was made with PEANUT BUTTER. I got in big troulbe but it was worth it.

Heck I'd eat almost anything if it was coated in PEANUT BUTTER. Sloppy Kisses has wonderful peanut butter treats.

Well I gotta go. I feel a cough coming on. I hope the nice lady thinks I need a pill because it will be covered with.....

Well you know.

Written on Friday, 02 October 2009 16:51 by Houston

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