The big guy was walking me and the other dog today and we learned that multi-tasking is human for very funny.

We came around a corner and saw this guy walking with his dog. The big guy laughed and said look at the multi-tasker.

Not only was he walking his dog, but he was drinking coffee, had one of those phone thingies in his ear and was trying to read a book.

I barked a loud HELLO and the other dog ran toward me in greeting, forgetting he has on a leash. It caused the guy to be pulled, which made him spill his coffee on himself. This caused him to drop his book and call us some strange names.

The big guy laughed and asked how that multi-tasking was working out for him.

Given how hard he was laughing I came to the conclusion that:

Multi-tasking = funny.

Humans are so strange.

Written on Tuesday, 29 September 2009 21:50 by Izzie

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