As a retailer, my favorite vendor is far and away Brighton. Not just because they have good products that sell well, but because of how they care both about their vendors and their customers. They stand behind their products, making it easier to sell them, and they treat all of their vendors large and small very well.


They have fought for their product and their vendors all the way to the Supreme Court, spending considerable time and money, and winning.

We not only have a internal Brighton sales rep (Jeff), that communicates with us constantly and visits us at least once a month and is great, but we have 2 wonderful customer support people (Veronica & Kathy) that we can call or email anytime and get quick help and complete and high quality support.

Brighton believes in investing in its vendors, often handing out awards, and spending time and money training and educating us.

I don't know of anyother vendor that twice in one year would sponsor and underwrite a 100 day program to help us focus on customers and making our businesses better.

Whenever a vendor asks what they can do to be better, we tell them be more like Brighton.

Written on Friday, 02 October 2009 12:34 by Terry

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