We often don’t think about how the simple things we do everyday affect our community and so affect us personally. Buying from a local small business is a personal decision, but impacts us, and our communities, far more than we might think.

A local small business not only hires from the community, but hires local businesses for their finance, legal, marketing, cleaning, snow plowing and more, helping to create more jobs in the community.

Small businesses locate in buildings owned, developed and built locally. They collect sales taxes and pay real estate taxes that support their schools, roads, safety forces and government.

The products of a small business are often selected by the owner with a personal touch and flair, while trying to best serve and reflect the community.

Small business owners personally care about helping and when a charity or organization needs volunteers and donations, they largely get them from local small businesses.

A small business has a personal stake in your being satisfied, and will often go further in helping you to be happy with your purchase.

You get the chance to know the owners of a small business personally and often see them in the community at local events, restaurants, doctor’s offices and more.

The next time you look in the window of a local small business, remember they support far more than just the people working there and that buying local is personal.

Written on Friday, 18 May 2012 15:33 by Terry

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