Chamilia Snap Bracelet with Reg and Gold BeadsChamilia vs. Pandora

Both Chamilia ® and Pandora ® make beautiful bead based jewelry. Both are well made of the finest materials. Both companies’ beads are compatible with each other’s bracelets, so you can mix them if you choose.

But there are differences in the way both companies do business, and we believe  these differences, outlined below, will, if you like Pandora, cause you to love Chamilia.

Pandora is a Danish company, while Chamilia is a U.S. company based in Minnesota.

Chamilia was started by a woman, who is also the principal jewelry designer for the company. She is very creative, and many feel has a better view of what American women like and want.

Chamilia has more charms that represent American women’s interests including sports, celebrations, themes, families and colors.

Chamilia is the only bead company with a exclusive partnership with Disney®, and is the only company that has authentic Disney charms. In addition, Chamilia has an arrangement with Hershey® and has several Hersey kiss beads.

Chamilia, with over 600 beads, has almost twice as many beads as Pandora. Chamilia brings out 20 to 40 new beads every quarter, and retires older beads once a year and has limited edition beads for major holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas.

Chamilia Bangle with Purple

Both companies have snap, lobster claw and leather bracelets, but only Chamilia has a bangle bracelet. The beautiful bangle bracelet is sterling silver, comes in 3 sizes, can take Chamilia, Pandora and Troll beads, includies 2 round stopper beads, and is so easy to get on and off. Chamilia also has a toggle bracelet that is unique.

Chamilia Oval Link Necklace with Pink

While both Chamilia and Pandora have necklace options for your beads, Chamilia has come out with several new and unique necklaces. Not only does Chamilia have a regular solid chain necklace, but they also have a drop necklace in several sizes, and with different beads at the end, a new toggle necklace in 2 sizes, a new elegant mixed strand necklace and finally a beautiful oval link necklace. The oval link necklace is 35 inches in length, but is unique in that you can remove or add links, giving you so many options to create your unique look.

Chamilia has created 3 new stunning earrings in sterling and one in gold. All but one of these earrings are so beautiful that you can wear them without beads, or add beads to create a new unique look that is just you.

Both Chamilia and Pandora have lock type beads to keep you beads in place. However, Chamilia allows these locks to be placed anywhere on the bracelet, while Pandora only allows these locks to be put in two specific spots on the bracelet on the two ridges specifically designed for the locks on a Pandora bracelet. This keeps you from placing the locks wherever you want on your bracelet. The Chamilia locks will fit anywhere on a Pandora bracelet except on the 2 ridges.

Chamilia Infinity Earrings with Mixed Kaleidoscope BeadsFinally, we feel that Chamilia is a much more customer friendly company. They are ok with you putting Pandora beads on their bracelet. You do not violate the Chamilia warranty by doing so. However if you put a Chamilia bead on a Pandora bracelet, we have been told  you do violate the Pandora bracelet warranty. How customer friendly is that?

You can see there are quite a few differences between Chamilia and Pandora. We hope you will come into Karalina’s where we can show you the beauty and elegance of the Chamilia jewelry, and we believe after we do you will find yourself loving Chamilia.


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