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Yesterday, Karalina's began the hard work of being an ACTIVE participant and supporter of The 3/50 Project, a natonal grass roots project to promote & save the locally owned brick & mortars that our nation is built on.

We began the work of trying to educate the community on this issue, and gain their participation and support. Small businesses are the backbone of our country, and often the leaders in making our local communities strong & vibrant.

Yesterday we started our Blog - Retail Thoughts, met with 12 local businesses, talked to reps and vendors, issued a press release, sent emails to the local chamber and politicians, posted to Facebook and Twitter, and began discussing the idea with our customers.

We always thank our customers for shopping with us. Starting yesterday we began thanking them for supporting a locally owned business and gave them a flyer of The 3/50 Project to read at their leisure.

In the process I meet some wonderful local business owners and learned that many of our customers already appreciate and support local businesses.

We are looking forward to this journey, and hope we are able to make some small difference in our community.

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Written on Tuesday, 01 September 2009 10:07 by Terry

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